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For the best quality research that stands up to scrutiny, it is important to use robust methods, e.g. ensuring that:

  • the methods will meet objectives

  • there is representation of key groups

  • enough people are researched

  • the methods best suit respondents so that they feel able to respond freely.

Quality is paramount in all the work that I undertake, and I have previously trained colleagues in the use of quality methods. I hold the Advanced Market Research Society (MRS) Certificate, and am an Associate MRS member; I therefore ensure that I adhere closely to the MRS Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act. I also have a track record of delivering on time and to budget.


Quality is also evident in my work through...

I keep my clients involved in the process from start to finish, ensuring that:

  • they have a chance to provide feedback on questionnaires and discussion guides

  • I regularly keep in touch with clients to reassure them of my progress

  • I consult my clients on their most ideal format for the research findings

  • I use storytelling/narrative techniques to ensure that clients are engaged and fully understand what the findings are telling us

I am experienced in engaging with many different audience types, and always ensure that my research tools (i.e. questionnaires and discussion guides), and interview/moderation techniques:

  • are designed with research integrity in mind, i.e. do not contain leading questions

  • use Plain English

  • are tailored to the needs of the audience in question, e.g. simplifying language, and/or using visuals, for younger children or those with Special Educational Needs (see visuals to the side)

  • adopt the appropriate sensitivities for vulnerable groups, or where the topic is of a sensitive nature.

Advocating robust methods

Communications with my clients

Communications with research audiences

I have undergone an enhanced CRB check.

I would promote these methods, or, where budgets are limited, suggest ways in which methods can be as robust as possible.



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