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How do we answer the questions...

 Adhoc advice/guidance (e.g. feedback on a questionnaire design)

Bespoke/tailored to meet employee needs

 One-to-one, small or large groups

 Research methods

 Quality standards/MRS/DPA

 Interpretation/insights drawn from detailed analysis

Narrative/storytelling techniques to bring findings to life

 Clear/actionable recommendations

 Written reports to publishable standard

 Face to face delivery - experience at board level or large audiences (200+)

Lengths/styles to suit needs

 Questionnaire development

 Set up and management*

 Online, Telephone, Paper-based, Face to face

 Robust sampling techniques (representative surveys)

 Any scale  - experience managing sample sizes of 80,000+

 Evaluation tracking (benchmarking/use of control groups)

 Statistical analysis, e.g. significance testing or multivariate/segmentation

 Secondary database analysis

 Discussion guide development

 Discussion/focus group or workshop moderation*

 Web usability groups

 One to one depth interviews (face-to-face, online or telephone)

 Ethnographic/programme observations

 Systematic analysis techniques

 Methodologies which meet the research objectives

 Support in formulating objectives/methods for the best value

 Close liaison with clients to ensure needs are met

 Clear, simple rationales to aid understanding

 Education consultancy service

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 Training or coaching

* If full management service is commissioned, qualitative recruitment and quantitative fieldwork /data processing would be subcontracted to trusted partner organisations.. For larger qualitative projects, I may also want to employ the skills of other experienced researchers in my network in order to ensure that the project can be delivered on time.

I have capability and experience in any one of the following, or full service management:

 Research design



 Reporting writing

 Powerpoint presentations



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